The management of company is in business of Marketing of Poultry medicines on platform of (M/s Vetpak) since 2003 & (M/s Alpine Group) since 2005.At that time we were among those few who launched the idea of using homoeopathic remedies in Poultry sector successfully.

Customer Care Company

Nature’s Edge is spearheaded by a group of professionals who have rich marketing experience in various multinational pharmaceutical companies, have a strong zeal to excel and firmly committed to bring in only the best products for Poultry & Livestock.

Nutritional supplements for Poultry

  • Mulitivitamins
  • Minerals
  • Aminoacids
  • Growth promoters for weight gaining in Broilres
  • For enhancing egg production in laying birds
  • Kidneys & intestinal flushing preparations c-Liver tonics & detoxifiers
  • Immunity boosters

We are Proactive
Broad-minded and well-informed in order to act swiftly and efficiently.

We Communicate Well
Synchronize and assimilate diverse skills by thinking out of the box and communicating effectively.

We Facilitate Customers
Always think for our customers first.

We Practice Empathetic
Attempt to understand customer’s situation by putting ourselves in their shoes.

Our Memberships & Achievements

M/s VETPAK is member of RCCI, The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and industries since 2005.

M/s Nature’s Edge is member of RCCI, The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and industries since 2010.

(Importer & Marketer of Vet. Nutraceuticals)

M/s Nature’s Edge is enlisted in Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, (DRAP Enlistment No.334) as importer of Poultry Nutraceuticals and awarded Form-6.